Today after a long afternoon, I turned on my monitor and clicked to open Fire Fox, my home page is Google, the iGoogle variant to be exact, and on that page I have many RSS feeds showing different news feeds from around the web. One of the news feeds I have is the Guild Wars RSS.

As I read my page I put my coffee cup to my lips, as I saw the words ‘Guild Wars 2 Trailer’ and sprayed my drink all over the wall behind my desk.

Yes, that’s wasn’t an error or a joke, it seams that the good people at ArenaNet are sick of being accused of housing Vapour ware. There is a Guild Wars 2 Trailer, and it is as fantastic as you would expect.

The trailer starts off in wonderfully drawn 2D, just as I begin to think it’s a teaser it switched into even more wonderful in-game video.

I assume that you will watch the trailer and like me be very excited about the incorporation of Asuran Technology, the new races and the idea of the Cotenant of Ore returning to the surface.

Its pretty amazing, and I think you will agree that no matter how you feel about the original Guild Wars this new game looks to be fantastic.

If your not already a GW player its worth knowing that achievements from the original game an be passed to your new characters via the Hall of Monuments (play Eye Of the North, its all in there) so its still worth playing even with the squeal now ‘really’ on the way.

Anyway, as I more information is released I will update this blog with as much as I can.