Over the past few few weeks there has been many bargains on
Steam (my choice of gaming store) but a game has popped up that i really wanted, price was little to do with it. I have wanted puzzle Agent since i saw the trailer (Below)

As you can see, the game has a strange David Lynch vide to it. the trailer however does not show game play but for the £6 and a few pence that Steam launched it for i could not resist.

It is thankfully exactly what i expected a crazy story that links together odd but classical puzzles (much like Professor Layton games do but what i expected would make this game stand out it the magic hat Tell Tall always bring to games. its hard to say what they do but some how they turn simple ideas and amusing stories that would usually be little more than that into memorable chuckle filled gaming evenings.


This game delivers the crazy juice very early on and the first puzzle is a very easy jigsaw image, the solution spells the name of the town you must visit. the game continually gives you puzzles that are relevant to the plot. this makes the game feel like more than a sham to hide pointless challenges, you almost feel like you are helping the agent on his way.


Very quickly the plot becomes twin peaks style tense but with a strange sense of humour that makes it unique. the fully voice acted scenes in-between clicking and puzzling are also superbly done and never go on too long. the puzzles do range in difficulty quite a but keeping things fresh, but also catering to different tastes. so far i have not felt like i have been repeating anything.


Thanks to the enigma of little red Nordic gnomes i will spend many an hour to come solving the case and think that i have had something of a bargain, the game is worth much more than the £6.25 i paid for it. all thumbs up, tell tale have done it again.