After about 4 hours I have finished Tell tale games wonderful Puzzle agent. As I said in my previous post regarding this game. It has very successfully combined Puzzles with story without either one suffering. However there are some issues with the game that only appear after completion.

Once you finish the game there is not way to experience the plot sequences again without starting a new game. This is an irritation as the games strength is its story. There also appears to be no way of redeeming yourself and resetting stats on puzzles without starting again.

Another strange thing is that I completed the story of the game without encountering 3 or 4 of the puzzles, they only appeared after I had finished and with the game being so short I would have thought it would be more logical to make sure the player experience all of the content before letting them finish the final sequence.

The Plot in the end feels like a first episode of a TV show, I think the game may have been originally planned as an episodic release with this being the first and second combined.


There is no denying that I enjoyed the game a great deal and think its well worth experiencing for any gamer however it fails my test of value for a game, anything I buy should be enjoyed more than one hour for ever pound ( £1) I spend so at £6.25 this game should have given me at least 6 hours of enjoyment.

I am not sure that I will be going back to it now its finished thought as the puzzles are scripted and not randomly generated so once you have done it one there is very little challenge in pulling the answer from your memory.

I would like to see more Puzzle Agent games if only for the characters and art style but the next one would work better as a more whole story delivered in episodes. Repayable puzzles possibly with timers would definitely add to the game though.

Also, I really have a distrust of gnomes now.