hexI have had something of a love/hate relationship with Global Agenda over the last year. at first, i loved it, i played it allot but eventually the shine wore off as i moved back to more traditional MMO’s, then it became a box purchase/free to play game and they added a the first ‘zone’ (and still the only one) then they re balanced the game and couldn’t get a match, then i couldn’t get it to load after another patch. but still, somewhere in there was an excellent game that i wanted to play, so i decided to leave it for a few months,

The first time i returned to the game i just couldn’t figure out the crafting system at all and the vast sandy area was far too hard to i left after a few hours in a huff.

The second time i returned to the game the crafting seemed more relevant and a little easier to understand but i had to rebuy all my skills  and couldn’t get a match. then there was that sandy area looming over my gameplay.

this brings us to present day, well present month i suppose, this is the month that i have rediscovered the joy of Global Agenda, that sandy area is where i muck about while i wait for matches to start and those crafting mods make sense to me now, the XP curve is more friendly (if still a little obnoxious, i don’t think this game needs traditional levels) then when the PvP does start its more often than not played by consummate professionals who know how to play their class properly and gone are the trolling children who want to run about screaming down their mics.

I think that the wonderful game inside is finally being left to spread its wings and any future patches only serve to shine this pseudo MMO. finally i can tell people that its time to come back to the fight as Global Agenda is finally out of its unofficial beta and is a game worthy of your attention.