fish[4]_thumb[1]So last night was the conclusion of journey that I was not sure I actually wanted to take again. Yeah I managed to get my new World of Warcraft character, the paladin, to max level, which is now 85. It has taken a good two and a half months, and for the majority of it, it has been very enjoyable.

Now I suppose there are two pertinent questions that I have to ask myself. Do I want to continue to play the game, and would I recommend it to someone else. Because I am a coward I am going to answer the second question first.

If you have never played WoW before then I would definitely recommend it, this is n753070250_4506695_8417doubly so it you don’t play mmo’s at all. The levelling up to level 58 is a lot of fun, hugely entertaining quests that seamlessly funnel you from area to area. Hopefully by the time you are 58 you will know whether you want to continue our not, as the levelling from 58 to 80 is no where near as much fun. To be honest I am tempted to recommend just picking up a copy of the original game and not to buy the expansions until you are certain you want to continue.

If you have a level 80 you haven’t touched in ages it is also probably worth getting Cataclysm. You can go from 80 to 85 in less than a month and the new areas range from very good to excellent. Perhaps it is just me that is like this, but in an mmo I really enjoy questing, being part of the world and a greater story, and the Cataclysm expansion really satisfy that itch.

Now I guess I have to man up and give an answer to my first question. I think on the short term I will continue to play, if only because I want to see the remainder of the new areas quest content. That in itself is a testament to the quality of the new quests. Beyond that?

I have to confess that the thought of grinding dungeons and then raids to get gear isn’t very appealing. Don’t get me wrong it can be very enjoyable, it is more the repetition of the same dungeons that is a bit off putting. I was in that groove a good while ago and I don’t really have any desire to get back to that. To be honest there is probably a greater temptation to start a new character again, just to see some more of the new content, but that seems a bit like delaying the inevitable.

Sorry I haven’t really answered that question for you have I. Tell you what, I will let you know in a month or so.