fish[4]_thumb[1]So not long after I write a blog about getting to level 85 in World of Warcraft, I have now quit. I have to confess that I didn’t even finish off the questing areas.

So what was it that pushed me to stop playing ? It was a combination of dungeons and gear. Now don’t get me wrong WoW’s new dungeons are great, the layouts are well done, bosses are interesting and they look good. However when I figured out how many times I would have to run the same dungeons, just to get good enough gear to run through the hard versions of the same dungeons, I was put off to say the least.

However running dungeons time and time again is not exactly new to me, and I have been happy to do it in previous WoW expansions, so what changed? I think I know. I think it is largely down to the dungeon finder. The dungeon finder is an amazing piece of software that puts you in a dungeon with a full group of people from across a dozen or so servers. This funky system take a lot of the hassle out of trying to find people for dungeons.

So what is my beef with a system that makes life easier? Well while it is true that it wow_dungeon_findertakes a lot of the hassle out of finding people to group with, it has also made finding fun people to play with harder. Basically you get teleported to a dungeon, you do it and everyone leaves. Most of the friends I ever made whilst playing WoW were through trying to find groups for dungeons. The dungeon finder has killed that for me, and WoW now feels more like a single player game.
I was very tempted to just go back and level up another new character, because there are still plenty of new areas I haven’t really explored, but that just seemed like delaying the inevitable. Humm now I am forced to wonder if I would ever be enticed to return back to WoW a 3rd time. I can’t see it but you never know.
I am beginning to think that WoW despite all it’s changes since I started playing, it hasn’t really moved away from the game I once loved to bits, and it is me that has changed in my perspectives and tastes. Either way Blizzard are missing out on their £9 from me.