hexToday an old Friend (one Mr Colin Brown) posted a link to a news report about Japan’s current problems on Face book, i was glad i was not the only person that was thinking about the people in Japan but I didn’t click the Like button because it sends the wrong message, i commented though.

I’m a gamer, a wana’ be writer, a farther and a husband among countless other identities that people and society place on me I am above all else a member of the tribe we call humanity. As a human my thought are with those in Japan and I am deeply frustrated that I can not help in any way.

As a Gamer and an 80’s geek I am continually told that when bad things happen Superman or Batman or even Gordon Freeman will be there help out and make things better but this is no comic book this is real life and something terrible has happened (earthquake) then more happened (Tsunami) then even more (nuclear reactor problems) and as I sat at work today I kept checking the news wanting to see something better some glimpse of good news for the Japanese people but none came and now, the rest of the world will come together and send a aid but still I sit at home like everyone else I know wishing that more could be done.

I’m not sure i have a point but this was a disaster and it was so far away for most of us but we all care and we will give to the aid charity’s and talk about this for some time but we are powerless to help in any real way and this saddens me. But in the end we care and that’s all we can do.

Why did i write this post? because i couldn’t do anything else, I’m sorry Japan and i wish i could do something.