fish[4]_thumb[1]As a recent Wow quitter (for the second time), I was talking with my lovely other half the Lady Fleata, who has also quit wow (for the fourth time I believe). We got talking as to what Blizzard would have to do to make us come back.

Interestingly the answer we both came up with was largely monetary. The were aspects of the game we both still liked, however we where no longer willing to pay on a monthly basis  for a game that seems to have essentially become a graphical interface for the dungeon finder. I think even if they took active steps to reduce the dungeon grind, I don’t think I would be enticed back, because as far as I could tell all there was DungeonFinderScreenafter the dungeon grind, was raid grind.

Now in an ideal world (of warcraft) Blizzard would make the game free to play and we could occasionally pop on and say hello. Hell even some sort of lifetime subscription might be tempting, however I assume that Blizzard/Activison are making way too much money for that.

So that side is there anything else Blizzard could do to bring me back into the fold. Just one thing springs to mind, new content by the shed load. I am talking new quests, new dailies, new activities, new dungeons and new areas to explore. And I am talking about month in, month out. Blizzard make more than enough money to put 200 people on new content alone.  Is that being unfair? Well frankly I don’t care, it is Blizzard that lost a subscriber, not me losing a game.