hexMicrosoft have been making games for about 20 years now, in fact one of the most memorable games from my youth was a Microsoft product, i remember the day that i stuck my windows 95 CD into my CD-ROM (lol… CD’s.. so retro) and was finally brave enough to click the much covenanted ‘browse’ button. when i say the folder marked ‘Hover’ and realised that this was a game, a 3d game in fact i squealed with delight.

splashscreenMicrosoft Hover was a capture the flag game using Hover Crafts and terrible AI opponent’s but compared to every other game at the time it actually stood up as something a little different and once i informed my school friends about this find we soon all became addicted to a quality but simple gaming experience that in some way was the foundation for my PC gaming passion.

It had a few things going for it. It was simple to get working (click the executable file, no real installing to speak of) it ran on pretty much anything and it had some simple but entertaining gameplay. in many ways these are the same things people like about Minecraft or those horrible Facebook games (saying that, Dungeon Overlord is the bomb)

skii remember the Microsoft game ‘SkiFree’ being another wonderfully entertaining experience. that one didn’t even have any graphics, it was a collection of icons that you interacted with as you fell with just enough grace to make it look like you where skiing.

I have no ill feeling towards Microsoft, none at all really and i know they have the potential to make games that literally last decades so why do they misunderstand the PC audience so badly? why are they continually trying to milk our wallets and change the way we do things?

We Don’t want Games For Windows Live, we already have Steam and Raptr and a plethora of other social gaming tools that we love. there isn’t even a stand alone application for GFWL, we have to load games to make it work.

Some times we buy games on Steam a service we LOVE and they have to log into GFWL once our game is loaded… that’s really stupid. If you want us to use GFWL we want a stand alone client that works properly, instant and pain free login (no down time) and cross platform partying… this is the minimum we want but now there is this video that have been on PC Gamer’s website and Kotaku showing us your vision of PC gaming…

Stupid… so stupid.

We don’t want this, STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THE WAY WE PLAY.  If you can’t be bothered to do the job properly don’t bother at all, I’m sure valve can manage just fine without you