fish[4]_thumb[1]I have been trying to get into playing Rift (i didn’t buy it, i won it strangely) and it just isn’t sticking in my brain. Now I am not going to talk about Rift, more the odd things you see online in games and on websites. I am talking about the way players feel the need to defend their choice of mmo.

I think we have all been on our favourite mmo and sooner our later someone points out a flaw in it, our more likely compares it to another mmo and we all jump to the defence. Now I have tried a fair number off mmo’s and in the case of Rift and LOTRO I couldn’t get past their flaws/things I didn’t like to enjoy them enough to play large amounts. However I certainly would never insult anyone because they enjoy a polished and fully formed mmo.

By the same account I have been playing a lot of DCUO, and have been enjoying it immensely, but I can totally understand why people wouldn’t take to it. I guess maybe I have had some bad experiences but running around in Rift I can’t be the only one who had seen the likes of ” This game is so much better than WoW, WoW players are morons”.

My point is that mmo players should share their passions but all the rampant fanboy rubbish gets mmo players is the appearance of being the most geeky and uptight faction of gaming. Gaming has enough image problems as it is.

So share your mmo loves and the next time you see someone spouting off in a chat channel, do us all a favour and ignore him.