hex (2)I’m playing quite a bit of Lord of the Rings Online at the moment, I love the server i am on (EN-RP – Laurelin) but some times i play on the Gilrain or Snowbourn servers, not for very long really just so i can see how busy the starting area’s are in comparison to my server of choice. I do this mostly because player numbers can make or break a gaming experience. imagine if i where playing my server of choice where there was no one to group with but just a single server away was a full and vibrant player community.

Sure, eventually Codemasters would server merge or something else magical and unexplainable to give me a change to find a group but for ages i would play alone.

All this makes me think that maybe server population should be something that we are allowed to monitor as a player base, I know its none of our business but surely a guide to the current activity scaled form one to ten (busy to darn empty) would give us a chance to do a character transfer when needed.

This is one of the reason that i like the current method that newer MMO’s have of letting everyone play on a single server with magical shards and such like that let you skip from one to another to find your buddies. i also wonder if this technology could be retrofitted to older MMO’s after all LotRO now has multiple layers that prevent over population, this works much better than the old Debuff (see image below) even if it did cause some trauma for role players.


So, as players should be be told the status of our beloved server or is it too much information for us? would the result of openness be one really over populated server or an even split? i for one, would love to find out.