hex (2)As some one with very little time to play good chunks of games i find that MMO’s are perfect for a half hour stint, i can log into just about any MMO and wonder about in a city area or harvest wood or even do a little PvP then log out, some times I log into Multiplayer FPS games because i only have an hour and don;t want to get into any depth with my gaming, this habit has resulted in my ‘missing’ some fairly large single player title…

For instance i have never played Dragon Age (one or two) and fallout has also passed me buy, i have recently decided  to jump a little more into the single player crop, what to start with?

I think Dragon Age is an obvious start and i i will also get back to finishing Every  Tomb Raider game (again for most of them) i wonder however how The Old Republic (that little Star Wars MMO you have have heard of) will stand up to my drop in – drop out habits when it comes out as i get the same vibe off it as i do any other epic RPG, i also wonder if the heavily single player like game style will serve to attract or repulse gamers.

With that said i have noticed a stark parallel between the story sequences that we have seen for the game and the ‘raid’ video’s in some ways it even looks like two very similar but separate games.

Anyway, this was just a musing and i will update you as to how i fair in my quest to ‘regain the love’ for single player titles.