hex (2)Facebook is a strange thing, firstly its terrible grammar, Surely it’s two word! Anyway, as much as i tend to loathe anything popular (Not on purpose, its the hipster in me) i did eventually about a year ago make a face book account (notice how i spell it correctly) and then a few weeks ago discovered a game that i didn’t hate.


Dungeon overlord appealed to me on two levels. On one level it appeared to be a game in its entirety with no missing components of dumbing down and on the over level it had the word ‘overlord’ in the title. I played, I played a little, then a little more and over the period of a week or so i lost a good few hours to this little game. Then it happened, The game informed me that i needed to expand, upon clicking the buttons to make this happen i was informed that i needed to make a transaction of a few pounds to take this game any further without some seriously epic grinding. As regular readers of my blogs know, i don’t mind a little grind but at every avenue of interest i found myself being stopped and asked for cash.

Capture (3)This is not how a game should be, if they insist on making you pay for stuff eventually they should make sure your well and truly hooked before trying the old ‘full screen advertisement’ because i liked the game, i did like it but was not at the love stage by the time i needed to reach for a credit card.

This is the issue with face book, those games are not for gamers with mature tastes and discerning pallets, they are for hooking in the casual gamer who is blissfully unaware that there are just better games out there for the playing.

Until face book developers realise that little titles like this wont interest the real gamer or even the fledgling gamer (anyone with what  the pure pwnage guys would call ‘inner micro’) titles like Free Realms will still exist and outsell these titles at every turn.

Now imagine if a quality title like Free Realms or Wizards 101 (my personal guilty pleasure) where to make the transition to Face Book titles without changing the pricing model, then there would be the kinds of massive awareness that we expect from face book coupled with the genuine brilliance of a good game, this would create a whole new generation of super gamer.

Capture (2)For now however we must be content with the efforts that the BBC are valiantly releasing/ Even the worst of the free Doctor Who adventure is heads and shoulders better than the paid crap that Face Book is offering.

Maybe in the end the term gamer is slowly dying (as it should) and people as a whole have just become ‘gamers’ but have yet to realise it. on the day my mother starts playing Battlefield and LotRO  i will be one happy geek