hex (2)Recently i have acquired a classic Xbox, the big black fella you probably remember. it was Microsoft’s first attempt at a console (other than some confusing input on the Sega Dreamcast) it was a reasonably successful console and with the launch of the LIVE! service (yes the exclamation point really was part of the title) it was one of the most interesting gaming experiences of my life up until that point.

xbox_live_logo_lo_resNow however my classic Xbox is a monument to forgotten treasures. I picked it up to use as a media centre in my bedroom, as its modified (chipped) i can run a piece of software called Xbox Media Centre (XBMC) and with a little tinkering stream videos from my PC to my console (much how the 360 does). I am against games piracy however so all the games i have are legitimate i assure you, developers work hard and deserve my cash. also original xbox games can be found in my local game store pre-owned for about £3 each.

So far I have not delved deep into its catalogue but i can say for certain that there are some forgotten titles for the beast and i find it strange that the internet is filled with love for ‘retro’ gaming from the original Gameboy to the more modern Gamecube but little mention of the original xbox outside of the two halo games.

Was the console too close to the 360 in looks that its not retro enough or has not enough time passed for us to become nostalgic?

I do plan on playing through a few of the more child friendly games with my daughter over the next few weeks. microsoft-xbox-controller

as an initial observation of my new purchase of old technology i can say for certain that the Controller Type S (pictured to the right) is a great controller, i can see how Microsoft got from that to the current controllers for the 360, its a very small jump (even if the old larger controller was something of a mistake)


I think that for the small price i paid for the console along with the tiny price for games for it i will enjoy revisiting some not so retro titles.

If you have any experiences with retro hardware please post here, i would love know what to visit next (I’m thinking about a NES)