fishI started playing Dragon Age:Origins, which I picked up for only £13.99 for the game, all the dlc and the expansion (they call it the ultimate edition). Now to put that in perspective I payed a sum a little more than a monthly mmo subscription. So what do I get for my meagher payout?

Well I get an rpg with all the usual levelling up and picking up items. However I also get 99937136997818177382a world that is easily as well realised as any mmo out there, and writing (and indeed voice acting) that puts pretty much every mmo out there to shame. And it is certainly not shy of content, as I would guess my £13.99 will get me about 200 hours worth of enjoyment.

So I am playing Dragon Age and it occurs to me that this game is a better “game” experience than any mmo I have tried. Now I have know people who have levelled entire characters in mmo’s and not said a word to another person. Hell sometimes even when you are actively trying to be sociable in a mmo, it can be difficult to make friends (heh maybe I scare people off). So am I advocating that we all stop playing mmo’s and just play Dragon Age? Yes, well no, erm sort of.

rift-2011-02-15-14-24-37-25Look at it this way, you can run around completing annoying grind quests in a world where you don’t even feel like a hero, like Rift, but there is a chance you might speak to an other person (and  be paying £9 a month to do so).

Or you can pay a small amount for a great grind free rpg where you are the hero, your choices matter and the narrative is very strong, but there is no chance of getting into a chat with a random person.

Personally I know which I find more appealing.
Just buy it ok