hex (2)Eve Online is a really strange game. I don’t mean any disrespect to it but it is. I’ve played the trial account three times but still don’t really get it. Its one of the most inaccessible games i have ever come across but some how this little title has grown into a massive phenomenon like no game i have seen.

It has come to the forefront of my mind after an article i read a few days ago about how the eve developers consider it to be in many ways real as it has an economy and a population in ways other games can not due to design restrictions.

282849913_6e1b62a975Sure its not the most played game out there, but it has something that most games don’t. a REAL community. Everything i hear about Eve makes me think that its a wonderful game. My good friend and blogging co-conspirator Mr Fish (Hangman) tells me that a good game is one that either tells a story or lets you create them through experiencing the world. Eve fits that perfectly because its a massive game environment (world does not seem very apt in this case) with very little in the way of designed story, the story or ‘point’ is built through player interaction.

Some how the development team has managed to not nurture a community but build one by being absent gods. they let there players do anything they way to each other, rob plunder steal and trade, some times even go to war. They only step in when this is done through cheating the games system by hacking or glitching.

eveonlinez01As an outsider looking in i see Eve online as a wild western frontier (all be it one that’s in space) where anything can happen and your never safe. maybe this is why the games player corporations (something like guilds as i understand it) are so tight knit with players relying on them for protection, purpose and company.

I have watched videos on youtube of epic space battles and seen armadas obliterate each other, i have heard story’s about corporations so powerful that they can literally crash the economy at will. I have heard story’s of betrayal and rebellion the likes of which could only happen in Eve.

In many ways i am envious of those veteran players and admire their achievements, some how they seam more real than those of a level 65 character in LotRO or any other more organised game.

I would even go as far as to say that as MMO’s go Eve is an example of how it should be done as other people actually matter and even if you plan on soloing your way through it you can’t really as there is no real level system or actual end game as such. people are a real part of the experience

2474_3_tAll this praise and i still can’t find the love for the game that i hoped i would. I love everything about Eve except the actual game. I know that this is sort of silly, to be so interested but not play. that’s why i have a plan. i am going to buy Eve (as soon as i finish Dragon Age) and make it my only game for 30 days. I’m not going to give this game a chance i am going to force myself to experience it until i love it or can’t stand it any more.

Maybe the lack of accessibility is what makes those that do continue to play so loyal to the game.