fishI recently brought a wonderful little device called a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is what I am currently writing this on. Now I love this little gizmo, and I rarely leave home without it. I write on it, read on it, check the internet and watch videos, however I do not play games on it.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of great little games for it, of which I have a fair number installed. However I tend to just play them once (if at all) and then forget about them. I think this is more down to me, than any games or device I use.  You see this is not the first mobile games platform I have had. I had one of the first DS’s (didn’t touch it for months and eventually sold it ) and I still have a psp which is also largely neglected.

Yesterday I actually rented God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the psp, the first nintendo-ds-consolegame I have played on my psp for 6 months (even though I have loads of PS one classics and psp mini games for free from my playstation plus membership). And I sat on the couch and played for an hour or so. The games is good, but I kept wishing that it was on a big screen, as it felt almost like half a game.

So do I not play games whilst out and about because I feel I don’t get the full experience? Honestly I don’t think so. I think it is down to the fact that whilst I am away from home, I don’t want to game. You see when I am at home I don’t watch television, i rarely write and don’t read much, why? Because I am gaming.

That’s why I love my tab, it allows me to do all the things I like (not love, just like) away from home. Even before I had my tab I would always watch tv shows on my ipod or read a book or magazine. So strangely whilst at home all I do is game, but away from home it is not something that occurs to me.

You know what, maybe I am just a bit weird. What do you all think?