fishA little while ago I wrote a blog about why people blog, and I think, at least in my case I may have been partially wrong. I said I liked it so that i have a creative outlet. Which is true but I think I may have missed the point. Now before you continue to read this, I would all that you go and listen to our podcast from a couple of episodes back, this one, the one where hex essentially recorded me ranting.

Ok all listened? Good, well that conversation is worryingly a fairly typical conversation for me and hex, or indeed me and my other half, to have (though usually a little less rant like). Pretty much every conversation I have is game relate (excluding work ones). So all the blogs I have written are mostly based on stuff that has tumbled out of my brain and then my mouth.

This perhaps is what has lead me to have a, humm how shall I put this, a low tolerance for professional bloggers (i know you were wondering if I had a point in all this). Recently me and hex got into something off a disagreement with what I would call one of these professional bloggers. I won’t got into details but if you follow our blogs and listen to the most recent podcast, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who.

Funny Blogging PictureNow this article isn’t about him specifically, more about professional bloggers in general. When I write a blog I certainly don’t state that it is anything more than my personal opinion, and I sure as hell wouldn’t issue it as a fact. However this particular blogger seemed to be stating that his opinion was the only correct one.

Am I upset that he disagreed with my heterosexual life partner hex, no of course not. If people are reading your stuff and commenting this its usually good. However what he posted was closer to intellectual trollinfunny-cartoon-about-bloggingg, because he was right and hex was wrong and he seemed unable to see hex’s point of view.

After all that’s all a blog is, a point of view. And the best kinds of comments are the ones that challenge the blog’s views, and even make the blogger think again. I am going to finish this blog before it sounds any more gay than it already does, hopefully something to ponder at least.

NB That guy is totally a prick.