fishI was thinking, in a wistful kinda way, that I wanted to play WoW. But I realised that I didn’t want to play the WoW that it is today, more the WoW i remember when I was most fond of it.

Then it occurs to me, mmo’s are like holidays (stick with me here it makes sense really). You visit this exotic place, exploring it and trying to find its joys. You getting chatting to random people, make friends and you socialise in places and with people you wouldn’t normally consider. So all told you have a lovely time, but all good times most come to an end, so you go home (quit the mmo for whatever reason).

And you promise to keep in touch with your new friends, and very occasionally you actually do. And you sometimes pause and think how nice it would be to go back, and you may even go back but it just isn’t the same. But more likely you choose a new place to visit, and you get new experiences and new friends.

Now this doesn’t diminish the joy you had in your first holiday, just that you wanted some new experiences. And much like mmos, you find yourself eating very similar food, drinking the same drinks and sitting on a beach much like the beach on your last holiday. So maybe I was getting wistful for my greatest mmo holiday I have taken, because most “holidays” I have been on since haven’t been as much fun.

NB I know this is a bit random but I thought of the metaphor and didn’t want to squander it.