fishThe sun has been shining and the weather has been taking a distinctly summery turn. So all my work colleagues have been having barbecues and sitting in beer gardens, I have been doing what I normally do, sitting indoors playing games. Now this is far from unusual for me, to the point where I don’t really like the summer. Most people love the warm weather, me I just get hot, irritable and find I can’t sleep (well sleep even less than usual, which for me is not very much at all).

I know what you are thinking,  am I the cliché geek gamer? You are thinking that I am a lonely figure, probably overweight, who wears too much black, lives with their parents and spends 20 to 30 hours a week playing video games. Well you would be dead wrong, well except about the video games. I have my own house, I live with my lovely other half, i have a steady job and I exercise every day.

So my question to you is am I healthy? Is it inherently bad for me to game as much as I do? The way I figure it, is that people all over the world spend four to five hours each night watching (crap) television. Surely if anything gaming for a similar period is better as it keeps my brain and hands active.

Anyway I would love for all your opinions (note my lifestyle is unlikely to be changed by anything you may suggest). Now back to battlefield.