Magicka Update 1-SKIDROW

hex (2)I purchased Magicka in the recent Steam sale. For those that don’t know Magicka is a cute little XNA game where you play a wizard on a daft quest filled with random events. The game has a wonderful look and a quirky sense of humour that makes it a really fun experience. in order to make any actual magic in the game you must use the Q,W,E,R,A,S,D and F keys (each corresponding to a magical element) combining up to five elements then setting off either a spell, a self cast spell or an area of effect spell. 


My first impressions was that the game was really fun, the controls are purposefully magicka1complicated to make sure that you often get your actions wrong, resulting in random magical events some times better than you intended but often killing you instantly in a fairly entertaining fashion. The game is filled with obscure movie quotes butchered in a way that rarely fails to make you smile.

The ‘Magicka complete pack’ that i purchased from steam (for under £8. I can’t remember exact price, sorry) came with the original game, a small expansion giving my little wizard a hat and cane and the rather bat crap crazy Magicka Vietnam content.


The Vietnam content satires battlefield Bad Company 2’s recent expansion perfectly offering and online experience set in the Vietnam war with music and weapons to match. there is even a skill called ‘napalm’ that does pretty much what it says on the tin. the little wizards all run about the jungle defeating wave after wave of aptly dressed trolls and ratish looking things picking up rifles rocket launchers and obviously using magic.

maicka1The game would have been a wonderful investment if it where not for the constant crashing in any online mode, I’m not sure if this is a result of the restrictive XNA code that it is based on or genuinely terrible net code but the game randomly crashes to desktop while playing online, there is no reason for it, no error message and no logic. you play then randomly your on desktop. its irritating and considering the fact that the game as been out a while not its inexcusable for the developers not to have fixed this. magicka

What makes it worse is that the online co-op is most definitely the games strong point. so as much as single player is entertaining the games best feature is something i will have to miss out on making the Vietnam expansion pretty useless unless i can find a way to fix this, but, as a game i should not have to search the internet for solutions to problems that the developer can patch with ease.