fishI have noticed that my blogs have been getting more and more personal, and now hex has convinced me to post on daily booth I feel that now is the time to write a bit more about me (also being drunk right now probably helps).

So where to start? I am 35, in a stable relationship (with our very occasional co-blogger lady fleata) and have my own house. But that is the boring stuff, you want to know how I became obsessed with gaming (i really don’t want 2225272020_8a6e2b18e5to use the term obsessed but every other word I can think of doesn’t seem strong enough).

Well the very first computer (i use the term very loosely) I owned, or more accurately was brought by my parents, was a Commodore 16 (as in 16 kilobytes), which allowed me to play such great games as centipede. There were other games but I really can’t remember them. In fact my early days were filled with British computer, erm classics. I had not one but 2 ZX-Spectrum-128k 2aSpectrums, and often played on my best friends Amstrad and then Atari.

My first introduction to consoles was with a friends Sega Master System. This basically led to me begging my parents to buy me a Sega Megadrive (a Genesis to our American readers) when it was launched and basically playing Sonic the Hedgehog for an entire Christmas holiday.

Acorn_SRP26A1My first proper PC was a Intel P75 brought for way too much from Curry. It introduced me to windows (95 shudder) and to the Internet (sort of) through AOL. My fondest memory of this machine was playing Little Big Adventure, a true classic. After that I had two or three different computers, which I loved but I know now that  I didn’t use them top the fullest.

So we come to one of the most important parts of my gaming/computing life, I meet Hex. Now I am sure you have all figured out by now that me and Hex are not just Internet buddies, but real life ones. Not wishing to get all mushy on you but he is my best friend and there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for him.

Anyway I am fresh out of University and I get myself a job in a computer store Birmingham city centre. This is were Hex also works. I will be honest I was a little intimidated by him at first (don’t think I have ever told him that), but we rapidly became the best of friends. The amount of stuff I learnt about computers from him was massive and I still learn bits and bobs from him to this day (he had this weird affinity for technology, he just seems to understand it). Here a link to where the store was for this interested, it appears to be  restaurant now. Ah happy days

We both moved on from the computer store, but we obviously stayed in touch and talk at least two to three times a week. It is also through Hex that I meet lady fleata, the woman that I have now lived with for a good few years. She fits with me so well it is almost we are designed to be together.

I will leave that there before you all get bored to tears. It is funny I never realised how dramatically different my life would be if I had never met Hex.
Humm I just reread all this and realised I started off talking about games and then got distracted by more personal stuff. Maybe after after 35 years I am finally getting in touch with my feelings.