fishAs I mentioned in my previous blog I am now the grand old age of 35. Ok that isn’t that old, but it never the less got me wondering. Will I still be gaming in 5 years time, without a doubt, what about in 15 years time, I would be surprise if I wasn’t. I find it highly unlikely that as I get older, I will start to develop an interest in gardening or what is happening in the most recent soap opera. Now I certainly can’t be the only gamer to be thinking this. Many of the “professional” bloggers out there are into 29216-JohnCarmacktheir thirties and forties, and many of the legendary game developers like Will Wright or John Carmack are into there fifties.

This leads me to a question, if so many of the high profile bloggers, journalists and developers are of a mature (using the term loosely) age, why does the general media, TV and newspapers predominantly, still think that video games are mainly for kids. Hell from what I understand the average gamer is now around the thirty mark, far from the age that needs protecting by the likes of Fox News and the Daily Mail.

It, unfortunately, is going to have to be something that video games are just going to have to ride out. It happened with the video nasties of the 80’s, now no one bats an images (1)eyelid at gory horror movies. It happened with comic books in the 60’s, now each year a dozen films are released based on comics and they are largely seen as a fine past time.

So am I suggesting that all we can do, as gamers, is continue to ride out peoples bias and perceptions until they come to accept gaming as a decent and respectable hobby? Humm well I guess the only other thing we as gamers can do, its what I am doing right now. Spreading the good word. If people ask what you like to do, tell them. If you have something to say about gaming then spread it, be it via a blog, on Facebook or just in a conversation.

I have a feeling that gaming’s acceptance will come a lot faster than comic books (another hobby whose name implies something childish), purely down to the fact that communication is so much faster than even just 5 years. The number of gaming websites, for instance, has grown hugely. So how long until the likes of the daily mail stops vilifying gaming and starts spreading hate on something else? At a guess I would say we will still have about 10 years of unfair and biased reporting. That may seem like a long time but compared to how long some other medias struggled (pretty much every media after books and paintings).

One thing I am sure of is that when the time of gaming respectability does come, I will still be gaming.