hex (2)The internet appears to be really large, in some cases it appears to be an infinite overlap of ideas and concepts sorted only by the monolith that is Google. but this is not as true as you think.

For instance, at any one time there are only about twenty bloggers out there who contribute with any regularity, some end up working for some set up their own blogs and some fade away just as they are gaining momentum, there are a few who are just not very good at writing and have no developed opinions to make their work worth a read (I call them Turkeys)

As you follow the work that these people create you often see them diversify, they start making web comics, set themselves writing challenge’s, join or start a podcast. Eventually they either return or enter the You Tube arena (yeah, I’m doing that at the moment i suppose)


So, as you can imagine the pool of gamer writers rises and falls in quality depending who is contributing at the time. was once THE hub for blog/vlog/podcast creativity. Now it sit’s on the internet as a monument to faded glory and forgotten days.

My point is that with a few exceptions internet thinkers have a limited life span, their tastes and thoughts do not move with the times and they stop being current. I myself have become stagnated in the MMO genre, i stick with LotRO and all other MMO’s i play fail to interest me in any long term fashion. Life’s responsibility’s prevent me from forming any connections of note in games as i simply don’t play enough.

I statement that i hear from other veteran bloggers and some times my own lips utter this phrase “The golden age of MMO’s is behind us” this statement is in many ways correct, those 48 hour gaming sessions and epic guild friendship’s are behind us and they really don’t make games like they used to.

But, and there is always a but. we don’t game binge any more because we have jobs and kids and responsibilities, they don’t make games like they used to because they make newer better games that us old folk have no nostalgia for.

growing_old_is_not_for_sissies_manThe golden age is behind us but there is a platinum age to come. we are here at the forefront of the World of Warcraft Rebellion where games want something new and fresh. when gamers are ready to play games like Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic.  todays MMO’s are about action and interest not grinding and raiding. if as writers and bloggers we don’t move with the times then we will fade away and rightly so.

Maybe that’s why i opened a Facebook account and started using Daily booth, Maybe its even the reason i have got a HD webcam and a Youtube channel. I don’t want to stagnate, i want to be here bashing away with my over opinionated arrogance for the rest of my days, so like any good Pokémon i am willing to evolve.

What social services and gaming tools do you use to stay current? are you gathering dust or burning your way to the new frontier? – think about that.