hex (2)As regular readers will know, i have been playing Dragon Age Origins for a while now and little else. one of the things about it that first attracted me to it what its epic scope and large sweeping story (as well as getting ultimate edition for £14) but as i have played i have had some observations about the game that i felt i must share.time_Homemade_Motivational_Posters-s750x600-24434-580

A long game is a good game, No argument here, usually i shout from the hill tops with joy when a game is good value for money and with Dragon Age i have got fantastic value, i have to be 35 Hours in (and that’s being conservative) with no end in sight. the game is vast, i like to finish everything in an area before moving on but this is vastly hindered as new quests pop up depending what other quests i have done in the story, so no area ever seams to be dry of content.

as i play through the game i am reaching key areas that seem to eat massive amounts of time, with no grinding i have managed to plough through the content available at a pace that feel natural and never once just moved on to get XP, in fact XP is no motivation in this game at all (why can’t MMO’s do that?)


One thought has been popping into my head as i have been playing I’ll catalogue my internal dialogue for you

Me – “This game is awesome its so long and grand and epic and brilliant”

Brain – “yes, that’s true bit this damned thing is eating your life, you may as well just start taking heroin, it would be over sooner”

Me – “no brain your silly, a long game that’s actually good, its the holy grail of entertainment”

Brain – “your learning nothing, our not honing any hand to eye skills and you’ve not read a book in like a month”

Me – “Yeah but its like a story that no book could match!”

Brain – “ill mention that to Tolkien and Philip K Dick next time i see them”

Me – “Shut up, i like this game”

Brain – “yes, but when its over you can play Mass Effect two and portal two and the new section 8 game is out in a few weeks. and you have writing to be done and books that need to be read”

Me – “shut up brain. Your a stupid ass hole!”

Brain – “Bite me”

Contact PosterThat is pretty much what’s been happening as i have been playing. I want to finish it, its excellent and i honestly am enjoying every moment, but on some level i want it to be over so i can move on. The last time i felt like this was during that movie Contact (its great but damn…. finish already)

Am i a hypocritical gamer or this this how everyone else felt as they worked their way through it?