fishThe games industry is growing faster than a erm, well something that grows really fast. I am looking at the upcoming games releases and I can’t help but still being surprised. You see as little as a year ago nobody, and I mean nobody, release games in the summer. You would get a few big titles in April and then nothing until the end of August, with the odd tycoon game exception.

See I wouldn’t normally moan about this, but there are still games from last winter images (2)that I want to play (Assassins Creed Brotherhood springs to mind). And looking at the games coming out in the next couple of months we have Witcher 2, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, Dungeon Siege 3, LA Noire, Brink and Dues Ex, to name a few. I used to look forward to the hunted-the-demons-forge_12866summer, it was my catch up time.

It used to be that I would get all the games I wanted by Christmas, with the exception of one or two titles around April, and I would play this games over the summer (its not like I would go outside). Now this little tactic has been working out ok, to the point that when September comes round I am usually reasonably bored with the current collection of games I have. However this year (and the following years I am guessing) there doesn’t seem to be any rest for the wicked, erm the gamer.

I suspect that this is partly my own fault. You see I fire my gaming love all over the place with a grin on my face (evocative imagery right?). My other half, the Lady Fleata, is, shall we say blessed, in that she is predominately only interested in rpg’s (or at least games with a strong, mainly fantasy story, preferably with a female protagonist). Now I have encouraged her to try a few games which I thought she 65369_SupremeCommander2-Wallpaper-02_normalwould like, like TF2 (she thinks it is ok) and Supreme Commander 2 (really liked it). Myself however will try any game that I think will be good, regardless of what type of game it is. Shooters, rpg’s, action adventures, sand box games, puzzlers, strategy and platformers, I will give them all a shot.

I think maybe that this is why another mmo since WoW has yet to sink it’s teeth into me. I don’t like being constrained to one genre, let alone one game. I don’t think that there is a mmo out thtoo much stressere that is good enough for me to want to spend 10-15 hours a week playing it, to the point that while I really like DCUO, I have barely touched it for about a month. Maybe I should try and narrow my gaming choices, however I often feel like a gaming magpie, easily distracted by a new feature and a polished idea. Humm think it would be easier to just give up sleeping entirely, that should free up some spare time right?