hex (2)“Holy Monkey crap on a stick batman – Turbine are coming to save us!” – is literally what i said moments ago when those fine folks at ‘A Casual Stroll to Mordor” tweeted a link to a post of the Turbine website that says will all clarity that on June 1st of this year turbine will be reclaiming the European service from the evil governing body and tyrannical empire that is CodeMasters.

I was literally speechless. i have dreamt of this moment for years. finally we will get updates on time, have the same store service as US players and be able to use the My-LotRO service. we will even be able to play on the legendary landroval server. all of us LotRO player will be together at last.


(click image, or here for link to source website)

It may not go as well as I’m hoping but damn, long term, i can see no downside. How do we all feel about this?

I have  instantly posted on the official forums about this mater, as CodeMasters have yet to announce it i am not sure if my post will be left there or removed by a moderator but here is the link anyway. CodeMasters have always been terrible about keeping us informed so i am no expecting an official update from them until some time next week.

Personally i think this can only be a good thing for the games life span and i can see myself exploring a few new servers and meeting some new people that will enhance my game experience. i just hope that it goes smoother than when Turbine took over DDO and everyone logged in naked with no equipment or bank items. I assume from the FAQ (linked in image above) that they are taking a little more care because of the size of the player base for this game.

Was this forced upon CodeMasters or have they willingly let it go? will any EU based support people be kept by Turbine? will be get any great subscription deals from this? – all these questions should be answered in the coming weeks.

Please post your thoughts here or in my forum topic, i would love to hear everyone else’s views.

if nothing else its big news and its exciting news.

*This post was typed in a real schoolboy homework style frenzy. i wanted to post it… i was excited like a child… so it reads like it was written by a smack head.. just ignore that. the information is good.