fishI read Hex’s little story from Wednesday with interest, as I have had similar experiences, and though I am loathed to admit it maybe games have had a negative influence on my life. I obviously don’t mean in an aggressive tendencies, violence and murder spree kind of way, more that frankly I suck balls at small talk.

I went out last night with my other half’s family as it was her mom’s 60th birthday. Now as they go on with the business of chatting about their holiday and their family in America and various other things. I pretty much sit there, not really sure I have anything of interested to add and not really being involved with what they are saying. This is in no way there fault, it is just because I don’t really have anything in common with them and i never learnt the trick of making a conversation out of nothing.

In fact the only time I got animated was when the Thor movie was mentioned, which I went to see and is greatthor-movie-poster-1, heh that was good for 4 or 5 sentences before I switched back off. Then it hits me, I am a gaming and pop culture train spotter. I can talk to anyone, about movies, comics and especially video games, but beyond that I am just not very good.

Perhaps this little issue I have has set me back in life a little, and maybe if I was a little less socially awkward I would have a better job etc. Is it gaming fault? No, well yes I think it probably is a contributory factor. However I think it is more down to the fact that I don’t really have an interest, or indeed an understanding, in what a lot of people do. I don’t watch soap opera’s, I don’t garden, I don’t follow sports (football being seemingly almost mandatory in the UK) and I haven’t been away on holiday for years. So while I am perfectly capable of being articulate and likable (I do record a podcast after all), most of my conversations with people I have just met/sort of know tend to run out of steam after 4 or 5 sentences.

Don’t get me wrong I do have friends and I would pretty much do anything for them, but I don’t really have many, humm what’s the right word, acquaintances. Even at work there are only really a couple of people I work closely with that I get on well with, the rest of the team I pleasantly interact with when I need to , but don’t really chat with them.

Ah I think the biggest problem I have I am not really interested in anyone that isn’t interested in similar things to me. Is that me being a bit of a twat? Yeah probably but if someone moans about it, it doesn’t matter as i would have probably stopped listening my then.