hex Apple, you know, they make the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iOS, iTunes, iMac, Apple TV, white headphones and a bucket load of ‘Apps’. well, as you can guess from my opening line, I’m not a fan. but my point here is why I’m not a fan or iTunes in particular.

I have avoided iTunes for a long time now but have had to install it because there have been some reports of ‘The Quest Hard Audio Blog’ (that podcast we do) not working properly in the iTunes downloading podcasting menu thingy.

I think i have fixed all that now, so as i finally had to buckle and install it i considered that maybe i should see if its any use to me… I looked thoughtfully at the either and considered what to look for first and sure enough first thing that came to mind was Babylon 5 (don’t know why really)

babylon 5

Babylon 5 on iTunes for a standard definition download (not sure what resolution they consider standard) is £14.99 a season (click above image for proof of that) this isn’t too bad when you first look at it, that is until you shop around even the smallest bit.

Amazon UK have it for about £6 a season with £1.26 delivery, much less than £14.99 and that’s new. if you don’t mind a used copy you can get it from as little as £3.88. that’s a physical DVD not a digital copy, and you can then take those DVD’s and back them up to your PC if you wanted to (granted with some dubious legal mumblings) – so, other than convenience there is no benefit from iTunes.

noone likes younot judging a whole service by one click i decided to search for an old favourite (that i already own on DVD, but i was curious) i carefully typed in ‘Farscape’ and i was happy to see that all seasons where there for purchase, but wait, what’s that price? is that a mistake? £27.99 per season….. I’ll type that again incase you never read it properly the first time “27.99 for one season.

Amazon UK price? well, after a very easy search (that was faster than iTunes too) i can buy the DVD version for no more than £15 per season, variation of  a pound or so depending on the season (early one is a few pence cheaper)

so, i can pay almost double for a digital copy with DRM nightmares… well, this is why i don;t like Apples business model.

While i am quite aware that you pay a little more on occasion for the convenience of a digital copy of things there is no way that this can be justified.

While I’m sure there are some bargain’s on iTunes i cant help but think if the first two things i bother searching for are this over proved then maybe i should stick to amazon for my purchases

now i use the Steam service allot for getting my gaming fix and it can be over priced but the kinds of deals that i have seen from Apple are much worse and Steam is know for regular sales that in many ways make up for the occasional few quid extra i may spend.

Also, i had my first instance of spyware EVER not twenty minuets after installing iTunes, connected? i doubt it but karma has spoken.