This week in the Quest Hard podcast we spoil Portal 2 for anyone who hasn’t played it (yeah, you may want to skip that part entirely) we blame Microsoft for any and all PSN problems, we ramble about iTunes and why GFWL is our unrealised saviour (or not) there is also some discussion about nipple clamps and Vlog’s

Can i interest you in an MP3 sir?

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Possibly available on ITunes…. unless you live in my house, then it says your in the wrong country for some reason.

* Any reference to Microsoft being responsible for illegal intrusion into any network or indeed any other illegal activity was satirical only and in no way an accusation. these comments where made in the comedic sense and this was made clear through the extended dialogue – just spelling that out for you all, Nintendo did it… AGH! no, not them
*Any reference in my above dialogue regarding Nintendo and illegal activities was totally accidental and meant as satire, please ignore, besides, it was me so i know it wasn’t them…….
*Any reference to….. no screw it…. i don’t know who did it, it was not me, Microsoft or Nintendo as far as i know, i was just kidding, but if it does turn out to be any of those lot then i AM going to claim that i ‘called it’ first.