A new Vlog from that fortune 500 studio…. ME! i talk briefly about of of my favourite games of all time, Shining Force! along with some in game video bits. the quality is far lower than usual because in 720p it just looked strange and far too soft for a HD video so i did it in 480 in hopes you will forgive me.

Shining Force a classic Sega RPG.

There are as usual rumours of a new shining force game floating around the internet but usually they don;t lead to very much and even when Sega do state its happening the plug is usually pulled way before any actual footage is released. I’ve played them all and the first is still the strongest story so sequels be damned!

I hope you like a little retro look at the game and depending on feedback i may do some more in-depth retro gaming videos.

Hope you like it.