fish[2]It can’t of escaped your notice that Sony have been having some issues of late. As I write this their online service for Playstation, the PSN has been down for about 2 weeks. They have also taken down their station account service recently,  so nobody can play any of their mmo’s, like DCUO and Star Wars Galaxies (there has got to be at least 3 people still playing Galaxies right?).

dcuoLogoSo why have they done all this? Well apparently Sony was deliberately hacked in an attempt to steal data and presumably credit card numbers. Now whilst I love my PS3, it is not my primary gaming platform, which is my PC.  Also whilst I like DCUO, I haven’t played any for about 3 Portal2Whatweeks, so again I am not that fussed. Though what did annoy its that I brought Portal 2 for the PS3 and it arrived the day after the as PSN went down. This annoyingly meant that I couldn’t tie the game to my Steam account, so when Hex brought Portal 2 I couldn’t play the co-op with him from either my PS3 or PC.

However if you were not as easy going as me, or indeed you have no other gaming options I can see why it would be infuriating. Now I am firmly of the “sometimes bad shit happens” camp, and I would have have been more sympathetic to Sony if they had been more honest and upfront about the prDCUO-Cowl--249x300oblem from the get go. However they seem to have taken the keep quiet and see if we can fix it before any one moans too much approach. In fact they have only in the last week started giving honest details and updates as to when they are looking to fix it.

Now they are promising free games and free months on their mmo’s (and a free cowl for your DCUO character). However I would let this be a warning to all the game services and similar out there, be honest from the out set, people will be more understanding.