hex I know, that by looking at this blogs title you have assumed that i am talking about P2P file sharing but I’m actually talking about slices of life. the internet has many ways for you to share things, social networking, picture uploading, talking to people and interacting in game’s. i assume your wondering why i think its important.

when i hear stories of when my grandparent’s where younger its often accompanied by a photo. their holidays are chronicled meticulously in picture form and its wonderful to see them and the adventures they got up to. i assume everyone has family members like this but i rarely take an intentional snap shot, if i do then there is a good change that i will loose it when moving files about on my computer. if however i upload a picture to Facebook so that friends can see it and comment on it then it stays there mostly gathering digital dust for ever but occasionally i can go back and look at them, sometimes reminded they are there when some one else comments on them.

facebook-logoI am not a particular fan of Facebook because in part i disagree with their privacy policies and in part because they type of social networking i like is about my internet persona not my real life friends and colleagues, for me the two are often separate issues (not sure my dad would get much out of my Quest-Hard Facebook page).


Twitter lets me interact with people that i would usually not come into contact with (who often live on other ends of the planet to me) but i would not call these people ‘friends’ on a service like Facebook.


With Daily Booth i get to share snap shots with total strangers for no real reason other than to get a little crazy communication going on and see their odd little pictures. services like PizPlz offer this jsut as well but Daily booth is where i really got ‘into’ it first.


Services like YouTube let me document ideas in often unusual ways that let me talk to an audience that is larger than my blogs because many gamers will happily watch a youtube video but would never read a blog, maybe i even convert the occasional gamer into an avid blogger through this medium, who knows but what i do love is that in years to come my daughter will be able to find these videos and see her dad when he was trying to be cool and see the things that other people where doing at that time (yeah, and a million cat videos.. love cats)


Blogging, for me is the jewel of the internet, its true freedom of expression and speech, not limited in any way never mind by 140 characters. i can ramble for as long or short as i like about whatever i like (and i have a few blogger accounts to reflect this) i can be rambley or nail a point home with carefully considered word crafting. its my ‘thing’ and i love it.

All of these sharing services have something in common, they are persistent and baring an global service outage or  these massive organisations ‘going bust’ these shared things will be here forever and we won’t loose our memory’s when a hard drive goes south.

this could of sharing is fuelled by interest and social interaction in ways that my grandparents box of photo’s isn’t and that’s great. even when you think about the historical value of these things, in a few hundred years there is a good chance that all this social media will have survived and information can me charted and tracked in ways that our current historians can not possibly do. that can only be a good thing. real thoughts and pictures of real people are worth more than you may thing in the global sense.

Beware thought that you don’t let this sharing become too personal or take too much of your self because there are too many people who want to take your information and identity and then there are the snooping work colleagues and nefarious advertisers . common sense and a thick skin if your best defence online and its often in short supply, but don’t let that stop you sharing, its good to share its how humans go to the glorious state that we are at now, and the world is wonderful.. also its getting better every moment!