fish[2]I have recently started playing LOTRO again with my other half, the lady fleata. And on the whole I have been enjoying it. They seem to have removed a lot of the annoying grind quests and focused on better story telling. But (there always is a but with me) I can still feel myself getting a little bored with it.

So this evening when Fleata asks if we can play LOTRO for the second night running, i tell her that I don’t want to play it. I know what will happen if I play too much LOTRO (or I suspect any mmo), I will get bored and listless, and abandon it assassins-creed-brotherhood-headercompletely to go and play one off my hundred other games. So instead I spent a lovely evening murdering Italians in Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

You see I genuinely do like LOTRO, and would like to see more of the world, but I want to do it at my own pace. Humm what would be my own pace? You know what, it occurs to me that if Fleata, or maybe hex, didn’t play mmo’s, then I would probably never touch them.

This isn’t because I don’t like mmo’s, more that I have many stronger likes. Take this evening for example, had I played a couple of hours of LOTRO, would I have enjoyed it as much as my assassin time? I think the answer is no for two reasons. One I would spend most of the time thinking of other games I could be playing. The other being that mmo’s just don’t really hold any surprises in them any more.

I have said it before and I will no doubt say it again, if you have played one mmo, you have , almost literally, played them all. But as LOTRO is a very good (and free) example of the mmo field, I want to keep playing it, though I fear I may have to be nagged into doing so. Which in turn will mean that I will probably want to play it less. Heh maybe I should just quit it now and save me the hassle?