fish[2]I like to think that we here at questhard have got a nice amount of content going up onto the site. Me and Hex aim to get at least a couple of pieces up each a week, to keep people coming back. And we know people come to our site and look at our sites (Google tells us, they are always watching). So despite the fact that a few more comments wouldn’t go amiss we are pretty happy with questhard.
One of the reasons that we set up questhard in the first place was because we were on a series of gaming communities, all of which died off/failed, Gax being the most prominent one in my mind. So we decided to have a place of our own, and we set up questhard (I will be honest I leave the majority of the internet magic working to hex). Now having seen this other communities go through there death in a slow creeping way, I wonder how I can prevent that from happening to Questhard.
The obvious answer is to keep doing what I am now, blog away, and perhaps encourage others to do the same. humm I am not exactly sure where I am going with this. I guess what I am saying is that if you find a place you are happy on the internet, then you should cherish it because there is a good chance it won’t last. The internet is mercurial at best and people come and go, and sometime you will go to a former loved community to find that there are literally only 2 people on the sites and everybody else has wandered off.
I think that is why I love questhard, because we have largely forgone the community and it is just a me and hex love in. While we appreciate our contributors but should they move on, we will still be there expressing our crazy opinions on games, society, our lives, and of course biscuits.