hex Steam got me again, this time with Eve Online for £3.75. As i have said before i have played the Eve trial many times and never enjoyed it. so why play it now?

As I said before in a blog, Eve Online is the best game i have ever not loved. It has everything, Space ships, lasers, trade, pow pow pow out the rear with no servers to worry about, its almost bug free. It also has some of the best little adventure stories ever told.

I don;t play it however because its way more hard-core than i am. Seriously, its insane, the people that play Eve heavily they think of WoW Raiders a casuals.

imagesBut i want to love it, right now while i write this post i am watching Babylon 5 and thinking that its the coolest thing ever. I love space ships, so I’m going to play Eve I’m going to play eve until i love it!

Wish me luck.