hex The final hours of portal two is a digital presentation, a little more than an E-Book as it has interactive videos and a pictures. it started life and an IOS application and has arrived on steam for the fair price of £1.49.

Its powered by Adobe Air and is very responsive, it is no better than any flash powered web site. its a little disappointing as you don’t even get a free in-game hat.


The information in the ‘book’ (lets call it what it is) is very good, however as you read you quickly realise that everything in the book is available through websites and nothing in there is what you would consider insider information. for the most part its a collection of promotional materials designed to make all evolved look great.

At the end of the book there’s a wonderful little ‘buy the game’ menu. had this little book been released before the game then it would have been a nice hype machine.

However as they are charging for what is basically an advertisement that’s already out of date i can not recommend this as a purchase. Even for a hard-core Portal 2 its a little lame.