fish[2]I am a pretty big fan of Killzone 3 on the PS3, which I play using the PlayStation Move. The Move, much like the Kinect I guess, has generally not picked up the massive main stream support I assume they hoped for. However at last the Move supports some grown up games like Killzone.

Now it might seem counter intuitive to use a motion controller to play a first person shooter, for me it is a very natural fit. You see I have a confession to make, I am just not very good with a pad.  I find them slow and inaccurate, to the point that I feel like I am being handicapped when using them.

Killzone-3-013A game like dead space is a perfect example, I tried the xbox version and got bored of the monsters been able to run up and start eating my face, before I could even get a bead on them. However on the pc I found the game (and it’s sequel) very satisfying, even though perhaps the mouse accuracy actually made the game a little easy.

Now this post is not a keyboard and mouse is better than pad rant, as joy pads have their place. They are excellent for racing, platform and action games, basically anything that doesn’t call for high levels of accuracy. The reason I like the Move so much is that, heh well I feel that in Killzone I am going from being handicapped with the pad to actually gain an advantage over other players. Whether that’s because I am actually pretty good and the Move just allowed me to express that,  or, more likely, that it’s quick movement is a little like cheating compared to using a pad. All I know, from a selfish point of view, is that in every game I am now the top two or three player.

If anything it feels like playing a shooter with a keyboard and mouse, and making b37a83b3725204a4fbbb1ed7c364c963_15948039everyone else use a pad. For the most part you can shoot them before they even get a round off. In fact using the Move is quite a lot like using a mouse, you have a very similar response speed.

It does occur to me that I brought the motion controls for the PS3 mainly because I thought that there would be fun party games and the similar. I am glad that it turns out that it hasn’t been left in a corner to rot, and furthermore has allowed me to enjoy console online shooters (or spawn dead cycle as I used to think of them).