hex Almost two months ago I began my journey into Dragon Age Origins. it had been out a long time but as a long in the tooth (and very jaded) gamer i rarely buy full priced titles, so it had only just found its way to my amazon basket. the Ultimate edition consisting of i think every piece of downloadable content and the Awakening expansion.

As of last night I have finished the Origin campaign. I have not finished any of the DLC campaigns or the expansion, in truth i have not even loaded them.

2011-05-23_00010After the first 40 hours it became apparent that there was a good change i would burn out of the story before i reached the end so i made it personal, i was going to beat this game and nothing was going to stop me, and so i skipped many side quests and barrel rolled towards the end.

I Played a mage, and i played him as a hero and i really believed in the character i had crafted as i played he was a paragon of perfect decision making and he never took the easy way out. I liked him.

Towards the end he made some difficult choices that he hoped he would not have to but i believe he handled those messed up situations as well as a man in his position ever could.


According to the Raptr service it took me 57 hours to play the game and that’s longer i think than any other single player game i have ever tried.

Dragon Age is excellent from start to finish and there is very little bad you can say about it, story is excellent, so is voice acting, graphics controls and just about everything else.

2011-04-27_00016Dragon age is however guilt of one thing. its too darn long. i know that sounds silly but I like to finish a game, for epic never ending time sinks i have MMO’s. this game is awesome. This is probably one of the best games ever made but i wonder how many people have not finished it because its scope is too grand.

I’ve asked before if a game can be too long but in the case of this one i think if anything it is two games worth of content.


Not really a review i know but i have had a constant fight with this game, i love it but i wanted it over so badly.

I’m glad its over and just as glad i have played it, will I play the sequel? no. I think I’m done with this franchise for a long time.