How did it come to this, I’m contributing to an MMO blog called QuestHard and I don’t have a single MMORPG installed on my computer. Its my first blog and I know what you’re thinking but I didn’t just burn out on WoW, that happened years ago.. and I don’t think 2 weeks and 20 levels of Rift really qualifies as burnout.

Anyway, less MMORPG’s equals more time for games with gameplay that I actually enjoy. I played through Portal 2, good stuff. I play League of Legends a lot, I’m pretty competitive at this game. I would love to cover the new crowdsourced punishment system called the tribunal, which has become the new highlight of my day. I suspect an adequate review of this feature would be so full of profanity it would cause this site to collapse, so I’m going to have to think of a clever way of doing that. My main game is StarCraft 2. I’m on there all the time, and when i’m not playing it i’m usually thinking about it or watching it, ‘it’ being StarCraft 2.
I’ve got a lot of ideas for blog and vlog content, probably because I’ve sat on the fence for so long, planning content but never actually doing it. I remember trying to organise a podcast with some friends while raiding vanilla WoW. It was going to be WoW from the perspective of a server first progression raider, but I could never get it sorted out due to the huge commitment of the 6 nights a week raiding. I remember a few times going out to the pub on a Friday night with a couple of mates and answering the call to fill a spot with all the seriousness of a surgeon answering a page.
Anyway its getting long winded now and I was only breaking the silence to say hello. See you again.