hex Audiosurf was released on steam back in February 2008 as a cheap indie rhythm game. the premise is that you load any MP3 you have and it generates a kind of race track using the structure of the song, then it places blocks on the track that match the songs beats, some coloured and some grey (dependent on game mode) you collect the coloured ones by flying your little ship into them and dodge the grey ones.


A simple game yes. but it has two features that made it an instant success for many players. Unlike ‘boom boom rocket’ or just about any other rhythm game you can load any track off your hard disk. literally any MP3 becomes content for the game. the second thing that makes the game awesome is that there is no need to hold a little plastic guitar, its all you and your mouse.

audiosurf-tilt-zune-hd-07I recently brought some new speakers for my PC (Logitech X-210’s) and though the game would be a great way to test them so then i pretty much randomly selected a track off my drive and ended up ‘playing’ the whole of the Cardigans ‘gran tourismo’ album an enjoying every moment of it.

Strangely as you play your music in Audiosurf you pay more attention to it. you experience it in a more focussed way, when i put an album on usually I’m only partially aware of it but with this game i take in every moment of it and it does add something to the music. audiosurf5--article_image

The key to enjoying this game is not to play it all the time, just occasionally spend an hour with it and a new album, you wont be disappointed.

the game scrobbles to Last.FM and supports itunes. its a great title and very cheap.