fish[2]Yesterday I finished Portal 2 co-op campaign on my PS3 with my other half, our sometime contributor Lady Fleata. And when it finished I wondered out loud, what co-op game shall we play next, Age of Conan? (oh yeah I am playing that again). Then it occurs to me that I no longer think of mmorpg’s as, well massively multiplayer. For me you might as well call them co-oprpg. See over the last year or so, pretty much all the mmo’s I have played have been with, not wishing to get all mushy and stuff, the woman I love.
I have ended up seeing mmo’s as a fun co-op experience we can play together, much the same way the Portal 2 was. The obvious advantage of mmo’s is that resident-evil-5there tends to be a lot more content than something like Portal 2 or Resident Evil 5 (we played a hell of a lot of that game). 
This has perhaps caused me to not understand the criticsm of some games. For instance when taking to Hex about Age of Conan, he said he was always put off by the fact the servers seemed very quiet. Now this never bothered me and I can see why now. I don’t really care if there are people playing the game or not, at least for the most part. Obviously if I wanted to do a dungeon or something a busy server is better, but as long as the levelling, world and quests are enjoyable, I really am not that fussed.
rift_quest_titleHowever I am guessing it also causes me to be perhaps be more critical of games like Rift. Rift was very popular and busy when I was playing it, however this did very little to make up for the dull and uninteresting quests and environments. I guess it is also why I love Dragon Age, for me it is like a great mmo that I can play by myself.
It could be argued that I am missing the point of mmo’s and that I need to get into a fun guild and be active. However I like that fact that I can jump into a game, have fun with someone for a couple of hours and then log out. I don’t need to put effort into being chatty or waiting to meet up with other player, or going through the usual nonsense that gets in the way of actually playing a mmo. Does anybody else have a special, erm mmo buddy, out there?