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hex This is an article that is specifically relevant to i have posted it here as a general interest article.

As one of the Community Managers here on MMO Voices i feel that it is my responsibility to make sure that you fine people know certain things about the site. One of the things that is available and rarely gets used is the Chat Box. You know, i think most people don’t even know its there.

To use it you must first allow ‘pup-ups’ for the site in your web browser (this maybe fixed now, i don’t know). If you don’t know how to do this then Google the phrase ‘Allowing pup-ups’ along with your browsers name (i recommend Chrome, the resizable text box feature is a bloggers dream)

[MMO Voices does not have any unwanted pop-ups as its a very reputable ‘Ning’ based site, so, don’t worry!]


Once you have allowed pop-ups on you should be able to click the chat bar at the bottom of the screen (as shown in the image above)

Once clicked the chat box will appear (as if by magic) then, all you have to do is type some wisdom or greetings into the box and hit enter. its very Facebook like and should work just as well.

The chat box also shows you who is online (registered members who people who have allowed pop-up’s) at the time your typing. The messages stay in the chat box for a while so even if no one is about its worth saying ‘Ola amigo’ (or any other greeting of your choice) because the moment some one else comes online they will see it (i hope)


The chat box is a great way for you to interact in a more real time way with other ‘Voicers’ (yeah, that’s a thing now) and if we all check it occasionally then it maybe become a lively social hub.

What’s good?

We have recently had an increase in posts so many of you who only visit the site occasionally may have missed some so, here are the ones that stuck out (to me at least)

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I have not given any reasons why these four have stuck out in my mind but if you go and read/Watch/Listen then I’m sure you you will enjoy them.

Jerry Springer’s Hex’s Final Thoughts.

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