hex Fable three, or Fable III as its properly titled was a very popular console release a while back and after some re-optimisation for the PC platform it was release through the steam service on 30 April 2011 (not very long ago at all). as far as i know despite it being a relatively quiet release it sold pretty well in its first week. the appear is in the fact that the game has been re-balanced to be a little more difficult on the PC and the mouse and keyboard offer far greater control of the game, hence a reason for existing players to buy it.

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All of this i agree with whole heartedly and can see why people would buy it for a second time if they where dedicated players or for the first time if like me your a dedicated PC gamer.

What has irritated me is that the DLC for the game has appeared on the 3rd of June, all three DLC items appeared at the same time and as far as i am aware they are rehashes of the console DLC.


since the console DLC has been out for some time i am forced to wonder why it was not included in the £29.99 price of the game and as i picked up the console version of the game for my wife some time ago for £12 i can’t see that the developer would be loosing out at all.


Downloadable Content of this kind is just penny pinching trickery designed to make you want to spend a little bit more on things that inherently the game does not need.

I am in no way against DLC but i am cautious as to what items i buy and how i obtain them, for instance i waited and purchased the Ultimate Dragon age box set giving me the original game, expansion and all DLC for £14 (less than the original price of Awakenings on its own) and with Borderlands i waited and picked up most of the DLC in a Steam sale for less than a pound an item (granted i did pay full price for the Dr Ned DLC but that has some really great reviews and seamed worth the cash) but how many gamers rush to buy DLC the moment it comes out?

if you buy the DLC early on in the games life your not adding more life to an existing game (the point of DLC) your adding it into the game as you play through so the result is some times a lack of awareness of what’s DLC and what’s native. in short some times your paying for nothing you will ever recognise.