fish[2]I have been think of cheapness of late, or I suppose more accurately value for money. You see I recently brought Medal of Honor Airborne and Singularity from Steam sale for £2.50 and £6.80 respectively. Now I managed to finish both of these games, with the single player clocking in at about 7 or 8 hours each. Now while these games were far from spectacular (singularity in particular steals pretty much every decent idea from shooters in the last 10 years), they were both very enjoyable, fairly mindless shooting fun.

So I have been contemplating buying either Homefront or Brink, because, well I Homefrontreally like shooters. However Homefront arrived from my rental service for my PS3 and I played the majority of the single player last night, and finished it off this morning. Yep that’s right I completed the game in about 4 hours, so half the time it took to finish Singularity or Airborne. Was Homefront’s single player a lot better? No, not really, it has a couple of nice ideas, the shooting is very solid, and it seems to think it has failed as a game if more than 10 minutes pass without something exploding.

However Homefront is a lot more recent a game than either airborne or singularity, so I jumped into the multiplayer, which seems pretty busy and was pretty good. Thing is do I want to spend £20 to £30 buying a really short single player campaign and a “pretty good” multiplayer. No of course not. If i want multiplayer I have Battlefield Bad Company 2, Team Fortress 2 and Killzone 3 to play, which are all excellent (sigh sequels I love them with a self-loathing).

I guess my point is that when Homefront pops up on sale for, oh I would say less than a tenner, I would probably happily buy it. It seems that Homefront sold pretty well despite it’s shortcomings (emphasis on the short), I just can’t bring myself to buy games new when i know I am not going to get a healthy amount of time out of it.

2011-06-05 08.35.58Incidentally following on from Hex’s DLC blog and my pre owned console games blog, Homefront on the PS3 (and I assume the Xbox) does something interesting. I entered the multiplayer and it asked me to enter a code to unlock the multiplayer. It seems that all new copies of the game shipped with a code to unlock progress beyond level 5 in the multiplayer (all shooters have levels now, not unlike mmorpg’s). And that I can unlock the multiplayer by buying a code for £6.29 from my PSN. I guess this is THQ’s attempt to at least get some money back off pre owned sale of their game.