hex This morning as i stumbled towards to coffee making thing in the kitchen I heard my phone make a noise (actually it said ‘some one would like to speak with you master’ a sample from the amazing ‘i dream of genie’ show – retro win) that signified the news of an arriving e-mail.

devartWhen my eyes eventually began working and the coffee entered my veins i sat at my desk and read the 43 e-mails that awaited me (while listening to Kiss, because I’m cool!). One of the e-mails almost got archived before i even read it then in a flash of curiosity i clicked it.


Apparently Deviant art are having a competition to design a new monster for Rift. its not unusual for websites and game developers to cross promote each other but what i found interesting is that i had never really thought about the relation between artists and gamers before.

I gave this matter some thoughts as i looked around the competition page. I won’t be entering because i have no artistic skill at all (that’s why has no header image)


I have written before about games being a form of art but as a budding literary artisan (writer) i think in terms of words and to me art is a story or article that is written with finesse as strange as it sounds i don’t think about images or animation as much as i do story and language so this e-mail activated some new points of view for me.

I wonder what people will come up with for this competition, will the artists just create the image with no thought to the gameplay or will the mechanics of play be as much part of the artistic process as the original sketch?

anyway this is really just a musing of sorts but i urge anyone with artistic skills to get involved in this competition its a great opportunity to get people looking at you work as well as  some really nice prices.

here is the link for the competition page. if you have any game art you have designed i would love to see it so please comment some links to your work Smile