fish[2]I have been playing Duke Nukem Forever (rented it, did not buy), and well, it’s rubbish. It is a very generic okayish looking shooter that is full of misogynistic jokes that aren’t even remotely funny. It is devoid of new ideas or even a decent amount of polish. Now what I am saying isn’t unique, go to pretty much any games site and you will find remarkable similar opinions.

So what I find really odd is that despite the game getting a very uniform drubbing by critics, it still went into the number 1 position on the says chart. This further surprises me as not only did it knock the highly regarded L.A. Noire off the top spot, new entries (and by all account much better games) infamous 2 and Red faction Armageddon didn’t get close to its sales.

Now I am forced to wonder if reviews are no longer relevant to the majority of the game buying public. Games like Brink, Homefront and Medal of Honor also all sold really well demedal-of-honor-2010-wallpaper-1920x1200spite the lack of glowing reviews, and all three games had very large marketing pushes. Interestingly L.A. Noire also had a big marketing push, I wonder if it would have sold as well if it had not. I suppose what I am suggesting is that you don’t really need a good game if you can get your game famous, or notorius in dukes case, enough.

Yep we are now in a world were if you want a number 1 selling game, it can be yours, if you are willing to, well buy it, with enough billboards, web advertising and over the top gimmicks. I will be taking Duke back tomorrow, smug it the knowledge that them marketing scumbags didn’t get my cash.