hex Civilization is something that has evolved over a period of thousands of years, maybe millions depending what history you subscribe to. the way humanity has come together and build community on top of community,  ignoring our difference’s to eventually get to where we are today is so astounding that it has reduced some philosophers to tears on more than one occasion.

civilization 4

Civilization 4 however is a video game that was released in 2005. it was on steam sale last week and i purchased it at the reasonable price of about 4 of my human pounds. and like human civilization it is an epic work consuming massive amount s of time to make fairly mundane things happen. like human civilization the  game is addictive and fantastical just yesterday i was playing and Gandhi went to war with me, i have to say i didn’t see that coming.

I have never played a Civilization game before screenshot_pc_civilization_iv014so when i loaded into ‘Civ 4’ i was a little confused and as i failed to find a tutorial i had no idea what to expect from the game. As anyone who has played it can testify its something of an oddity. it is basically a board game and your choice of starting nation is more to do with your play style than any real national pride. each nation has a special unit and differing ‘starter technology’ that can make or break an early ‘war’ in a game.

i chose the Mayans mostly because i love their calenders and had no idea what i was doing so it was as good a reason as any. I quickly realised that i needed to hit the button that made my settlers, err, settle. i called my first city ‘BoobieTown’ because I’m a child and when given the option to name anything i choose something that will appease my inner 14 year old.

civilization_4I continued to scratch my head as i played making some little decision’s  each turn then hitting the enter key to let the other nations have a crack at world domination. i made some more little settlements and some workers, warriors, shops and alliances. as i played i researched new technology and eventually had access to the printing press…. before i realised i was having fun it was bed time. the following day at work i sat thinking about how strange the game was and could to  wait to come home and start again now i knew what i was doing.

The next night i was a little more focused and had a plan of action i was an expansionist and it served me well, until that incident with Gandhi that is, that was rather unexpected. as a part of the package i brought off steam i had all the games expansions as well as i installed them the moment i realised how great the game it.

I am currently enjoying the Beyond the Sword expansion, i am not sure what content each expansion adds  but darn it i am having some confused global domination fun.

sure its a digital board game and its hard to explain why its fun but i urge you if you haven’t to try it. one thing is for sure though, i’ll be picking up civilization 5 before the month is out.