hex This is an article that is specifically relevant to i have posted it here as a general interest article.

Here we are then. The urge has taken me and I am churning out another little gem of a post for your reading pleasure, or at least my writing pleasure and that really is what blogging is about isn’t it. the joy of writing your thoughts.

Every social community like this one has highs and lows in terms of ‘creative development’ what its means in short, is that blogging hobby for all of us and as such we do it when we want to not when we are think we should, so some days i visit the site and see literally a whole page full of new entries and other times nothing will happen for a few days.

It is this creative tide that keeps blogging interesting for me at least. Why is it that some times the creative urge does not take hold of anyone at all and other days people who have no connection and whom live some times thousands of miles apart can have the urge to write all at the same time? is it the inspiration gained from one good post or is it simply the zeitgeist or the universe effecting us?

Well, i want to know. so its time for a little project. i challenge you to write when you least want to. when you are so ‘into’ a game that you would not usually find time to stop and post make a little blog for your fellow Voicers saying something like:

Hey guys I’m playing [insert awesome game title here] its great. I like it because [reasons for awesome game status here]. and you should play too. – hey here are some screen shots/in game video of me playing

Yeah, it seams like a pain in the ass to take time out but maybe we are all playing the same new super hot web game or retro classic we picked up on sale. wouldn’t it be great to kick off a whole discussion with a little gem of a blog like that?

I know it’s hard to pull yourself away long enough to type but how about i talk to Mr Turkey and see if i can arrange a little prize for those of you who do manage it (more details to follow i hope)

Site Tip

You know how on Facebook you click like if you.. well, like something some one has written? MMO Voices has a similar system. here is a picture of it so you know what i am talking about:


its another one of the little features that people over look or forget about. if we all hit that button when we read a blog we like (and comment too, that’s always a good idea) then it makes it easier for me to pick out the most popular posts and highlight/feature future posts form those skilled bards.

Blogs of note

Once more here are a few posts from the site that i think you should read (if you haven’t already) they are jus my own picks but maybe if you all start using that like button i will have a better view of what everyone else liked. So, here they are in no particular order

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feedback on this post and all others i write is most welcome