Monday Night Combat Update 4 to 6-SKIDROW

fish[2]It won’t come as much of a surprise to you when I say I love first person shooters, I play them both single player and online. However some games try and take all that shootery goodness, and put it in the third person, over the shoulder perspective. Now from a single player game point of view, this is fine by me, variety is the spice of life etc. However it’s the online multiplayer that I wanted to talk about. See l have always very firmly believed that online shooters just don’t work very well in third person.

Two of the best examples I can think of, Uncharted 2 and Gears of Wars, both 3480500474_0c81983daa_zof which are not much more than ok online shooters (though both great single player games). I think I have always felt that the extended field of view killed any connection I might have had to the action (be honest that sounded pretentious right?). So I have always stuck to first person shooters, even though perhaps there might be more innovation in the third person (like Uncharted’s climbing).

I am gratified to be finally be proven wrong via the joy that is Monday Night Combat, which I picked upon Steam’s daily deal for £2.50 (it is now £9.99 but still totally worth it). It is a multi class third person shooter that is heavily inspired by Team Fortress 2 and DoTA. It is a great game that has great choice of skills, constant action and fun satisfying shooting. So what makes this third person multiplayer shooter gel for me when other, far bigger budget AAA titles haven’t?

Monday-Night-Combat-Cardboard-AssassinI think it is all down to 3 feet high walls. Or to be more precise that a lot of third person shooter have a cover based system, where you hide behind a sand bags or barriers, popping out to attack enemies. I think in multiplayer spending half the time hiding behind a low wall or similar, such as in Gears and Uncharted, is just not fun for me. Yes it makes sense in a single player, your character isn’t some sort of god and the cover allows you to stay in the action, and not run back around the corner when you are in trouble.

However the thought of 12 players running around a map hiding behind chunks of masonry and post boxes seems ludicrous and under powered to me. So Monday Night Combat, I salute you for changing my opinion that a third person multiplayer shooters just can’t work.